Ornamental Shingleback Lizard


  • Handmade in Australia by a skilled artist where no two items are identical
  • Made from fibreglass making this item tough and easy to clean
  • The shingleback is positioned on Australian's well known red rock similar to those found in Central Australia. This is also made from fibreglass
  • This item is carefully detailed to replicate the beauty of a real Shingleback and how you might find it in the rugged landscape of Outback Australia 
  • Perfect for school's show and tell, home decoration and Australian native reptile collectors
  • Sizing of the item is roughly 8cm(height) x 10cm(width)

Reptile Factsheet

Scientific name: Tiliqua rugosa
Alternative name/s: Stumpy-tailed Lizard; Boggi; Sleepy Lizard, Bobtail Lizard, Two-headed Lizard and Pinecone Lizard

The bulkiest of the blue-tongues, the Shingleback Lizard are common on the plains west of the Great Dividing Range where rainfall is low and throughout the semi-arid habitats of inland Australia as well as coastal parts of Western Australia and South Australia.

More information can be found on the Australian Museum website at: