Nautilus Shell

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  • The Nautilus are known as living fossils and these genuine shells come from the tropical waters of the Northern Territory caught as a by product from a fishing vessel. 
  • These shells are usually found between 150- 350mtrs below sea level and are therefore quite rare. Please also expect imperfections (stains/ cracks) due to this reason. 
  • There are chambers inside the shell that contains air and sea water. This helps the cephalopods in its buoyancy. You could still hear the splashing of sea water if you give it a little shake!
  • Sizes are measured along its spine
  • The unique tiger- like stripes are more prominent and full on the smaller shells and slowly disappears as it gets larger. 

**As no two shells are alike, the images are just for illustration purpose. We'll try to send the closest size, colour and condition as the one ordered. If you would like to see the exact shell that will be sent, please write us a note when ordering and include your contact details so we can send you a picture.

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