Crocodile Skin Taxidermy


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  • Hand cleaned and taxidermied in Australia from premium Saltwater Crocodile
  • Note, there is only 3 foot on this skin. As it's a large wild crocodile, it's common for them to have lost limbs due to territorial fights. Taxidermied this way enhances the beauty of it's natural state
  • Roughly 300cm x 60cm (from the top of the neck to it's tail)
  • Legally derived in accordance with Australian National Parks & Wildlife Service rules and regulation
  • CITES permit will be provided
  • The large skin can be rolled into the size of 60cm x 40cm and weighs about 2kg for shipping
  • Perfect for home decorating or on a bar top

This is a wild Crocodile taken by an authorise wildlife ranger and therefore displays scars, lost of limbs and other traits of wild reptiles. 

**Additional cost of $69 for an export permit applies for international purchases and you'll be contacted prior to the order being finalised. Please provide your email address and contact number.