Saltwater Crocodile Skull Taxidermy

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Farmed Crocodiles (Most popular)
  • Hand cleaned and taxidermied from Saltwater Crocodiles that are farmed in Northern Territory, Australia for their skin and meat.
  • These Crocodiles are strictly farmed in accordance with Australian National Parks & Wildlife Service rules and regulation which also includes the most efficient and humane method of culling
  • Trade of these magnificent animals are protected and therefore CITES permits will be provided upon its sale
  • A dab of silicon is used to hold the top and bottom jaw together. The skull can be displayed with it's jaw open using a prop if desired
  • Perfect for home decorating or on a bar top
  • Starts at roughly 230mm x 100mm to 330mm x150mm 
  • Beware: It will attract attention

Wild Crocodiles (Iconic)

  • Hand cleaned and taxidermied in Australia from premium saltwater crocodile
  • These are from crocodiles problematic in the wild and can only be legally derived from approved certified rangers
  • Wild crocodiles that can be obtained are normally longer than 3meters and can reach up to the size of 6meters
  • Wild crocodiles have also teeth that are stained due to their natural habitat near mangrove areas 
  • Monster Crocodiles are the perfect center piece for any man cave, collection and home decorating as its presence in size will certainly amaze
  • Sizes start from roughly 410mm x 200mm to 810mm x 300mm

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