Cane Toad Coin Purse

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$35.00 AUD
  • Handcrafted with Northern Australia Cane Toad leather
  • Tough and durable skin makes up into excellent leather goods
  • For someone who has everything or to share a laugh with


About 3,000 cane toads were released in the sugarcane plantations of north Queensland in 1935. They now number well into the millions, and their still expanding range covers thousands of square miles in northeastern Australia.

They are considered as a pests and have thrived in Australia because there are few natural predators, they breed easily, and they have an abundant of food. 

Their effects on Australia's ecology include the depletion of native species that die eating cane toads; the poisoning of pets and humans; depletion of native fauna preyed on by cane toads.

Government eradication efforts include asking residents to help collect and dispose of them is how this product has come about

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