Congratulations!  You’ve just purchased one of the most sought after exotic leather product. The texture and pattern of this leather is unique similar to a finger print and no two products are alike. Marks and blemishes are part of the beauty of this product due to its natural state and it’s a treasure to invest in. Here’s what we recommend to care for your product.

To Care

  1. Twice a year, apply a small amount of premium exotic leather conditioner to preserve the leather and provide water resistance.
  2. Do not use conditioners that contain waxes as it prevents the leather from breathing. Always apply the product on a cloth first and work on a small area to see its effect on the leather.
  3. When not in use, store in a breathable bag as the one provided in a cool and dry spot.
  4. Remember that leathers breath and excessive heat can remove moisture causing it to lose suppleness and shine.

To Clean

  1. Use a damp microfiber cloth to wipe down the product. This is sufficient unless there is a difficult stain
  2. For difficult stains, work an exotic leather cleaner into the affected area using overlapping circles and wipe away any remaining cleaner and allow the product to air dry
  3. Apply a small amount of exotic leather conditioner to further protect the leather.